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          Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a metaverse? What is a global virtual hospital? 

A metaverse is a virtual world that simulates a physical space where people interact in real-time using cutting-edge technologies. A virtual hospital is a new model of healthcare that leverages the potential of new technologies to bring healthcare professionals and patients from different countries closer together, offering an alternative to traditional models. It encompasses a specialized digital platform for telemedicine and medical consultation, with interactive, reliable, and secure technology. Additionally, it provides a free patient record accessible 24/7, which includes medical notes, prescriptions, medical exam results, and other information related to each doctor who has provided a teleconsultation to the patient.

MissionMedic Worldwide is a global virtual hospital within a specialized metaverse for the healthcare sector, where doctors and patients from different countries can inform, advise and communicate with each other safely and through different technologies, which will be constantly evaluated and expanded.

Is our metaverse only with avatars?

You will not find exclusively avatars in our metaverse, as a hybrid technological system has been designed. There are avatars representing people at virtual events held in our auditorium, and in some cases, the use of virtual and augmented reality glasses will be incorporated. However, in these events, it will also be possible to see the real image of some people and access cameras, for example, to observe and listen to an attendee or speaker in real-time.

Medical teleconsultations and interconsultations are carried out through interactive video calls and without avatars. MissionMedic Worldwide operates with a telemedicine and medical interconsultation system (which includes patient accounts and medical records) developed by our partner certified by Health IT and the US Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology. Our software has undergone rigorous quality control and is currently subject to ongoing inspection.

Can a patient request a teleconsultation with doctors from different countries?

Yes, however, there are differences by country.

Each certified healthcare professional with a virtual office in MissionMedic Worldwide is committed to complying with ethical standards and best practices, and thus each doctor offers services that are allowed according to their studies, accreditations, and certification by their respective professional associations or regulatory entities, as applicable in each country.

How much does a teleconsultation with a doctor or healthcare professional cost?

The professional fees are established by each healthcare professional in US dollars, according to the parameters and regulations established by each of their respective Professional Colleges or regulatory entities, as applicable in each country.
Additionally, MissionMedic Worldwide offers memberships to companies so that their professionals can obtain preferential or personalized services.

Do we support the growth of medical tourism in different countries?

Yes, we offer a free electronic medical record to all patients. This includes an efficient and secure platform with a system for data exchange and storage, and the possibility to request a follow-up teleconsultation with their doctor who has a virtual office in MissionMedic Worldwide. Medical tourists need to travel in a safe and secure manner, trusting that they can receive assistance from their treating doctor at any time, in case of any consultation or alert both before and after their trip. We support both medical tourists and national patients who require specialized digital communication with their doctor who is traveling (temporarily outside the national territory).

Are virtual offices available for doctors from different countries?

The number of virtual offices available is limited by medical specialty and by country.
To find out about availability and information on the services included in the contract for the USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES of a virtual office, a doctor must go to the Hospital Administration area (located on the first level or lobby, next to the pharmacy).
Some medical specialties have a *Clinical Director (*varies by country), a specialist responsible for approving the entry of each doctor within their respective area or medical specialty. This raises standards and guarantees a high professional level. Regulations vary by country.

How does the patient select a doctor? What are their options?

There are three options:

1. Our platform recommends a group of doctors to each patient: Artificial intelligence computer systems are widely used in medical sciences, with applications that include improving communication between patients and doctors. Currently, they also incorporate data analysis, which aims to enable a recommendation for a health care provider to a patient based on their individual needs.
2. The patient can search for a doctor using a tool within their Private Health Record: Each patient can select a group of doctors based on search criteria they enter according to their individual needs. These search criteria or options may vary according to the guidelines of our hospital administration, who constantly analyze the various needs of the population of a group of countries and various Artificial Intelligence tools.
3. Our Medical Concierge (Premium Primary Care) can recommend a group of specialist doctors: A prominent general practitioner will perform a thorough analysis of the medical tests or exams provided by the patient at the time when a teleconsultation is requested (prior to the teleconsultation taking place) and will conduct a subsequent analysis after the appointment (with the information provided during the teleconsultation), thus developing a personalized care plan for each patient and referring them to the appropriate specialist doctor according to each individual need. Our Medical Concierge receives constant training from specialist doctors and Clinical Directors from various specialties.

What are the characteristics of the teleconsultation request process?

First, the patient must open their free account, through which they will have their Individual Health Record from MissionMedic Worldwide. In the first level of our virtual hospital (lobby), the patient will see a button with the text "Log In / Health Records". Clicking on this button will allow them to start the process of opening their free patient account.

Subsequently, the patient must select a doctor and request an appointment from them. Upon doing so, the patient will immediately have access to a form that they must complete and provide valuable information about their needs, which may include adding medical tests or photographs. (*Our platform will adapt the available appointment times, showing the time zone of the country where each patient is physically located).

Using a debit or credit card or a PayPal account, the patient must pre-pay the professional fees of their doctor. This purchase will appear (in the patient's bank or PayPal statement) as a pending transaction until the teleconsultation has been successfully completed, at which point the funds will be automatically transferred to the *doctor's or healthcare professional's account. *Our virtual hospital does not receive money directly from patients.

When the doctor receives the information provided by the patient (along with the appointment request), they will evaluate it to determine if they can really help the patient before confirming the teleconsultation appointment. The doctor may approve or reject the appointment, in the latter case indicating to the patient the reasons, and our system will inform the patient automatically and immediately.

What are the features of an interactive teleconsultation and virtual doctor's offices?

On the day of the appointment, the patient enters the "Virtual Waiting Room" of their doctor. They can access it from a link in an email they receive or from their Patient Health Record. In the virtual waiting room, the patient is greeted by a digital assistant, through a video and intelligent form, which requests brief but important information, as well as the approval of an "Informed Medical Consent". Later, the patient will see that they are inside their doctor's virtual office and in some cases may use virtual and augmented reality technology if they wish (they can also move around with their touch screen or with the use of their computer's mouse). Here they will see their doctor's photograph and with a click they can finally enter their teleconsultation and see their doctor (they are not avatars, it is a real-time and recorded video call for later use by the doctor). During the teleconsultation, the doctor can share their screen and show markings made on images or exams provided earlier by the patient, thus providing a clear explanation. (The markings were made with a virtual pen that is available to each doctor). Additionally, there is a virtual global e-prescription book created for doctor's prescriptions and medical notes, which incorporates the signature of each doctor. Every patient has 24/7 access to their individual health record, with the indications and documents provided by their doctor.

Who are the doctors that can be found in the virtual hospital MissionMedic Worldwide?

Currently, through the Medical Directory located on the first level or lobby, you can find specialist doctors in General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Cardiology, Otorhinolaryngology, and Neurosurgery. Also, General Practitioners and a Concierge Doctor from our virtual hospital. (Soon: Other specialties will be incorporated, such as Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and others).

On the second level are the "Clinics." Each doctor you can find there is part of a physical clinic, health center, or provides their services in conjunction with other doctors from different specialties. You can find different specialists in Dentistry, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Human Nutrition, and Dietetics. Some of these areas are supported by our Concierge Doctor for Premium Primary Care. (Soon: The area of Psychology and Health Centers with specialist doctors in different areas will also be incorporated). On the second level, you will also find the Medical Interconsultation Room (for exclusive use by doctors) and an area where representatives of Medical Spas are located, with health professionals who can advise patients on technology for non-invasive treatments, under the recommendation of specialist doctors. Also, there are Stem Cell Treatment Clinics (**Not available in all countries).

How does our cybersecurity stand out? What certifications do we have?

MissionMedic Worldwide operates a telemedicine and medical consultation system (which includes patient accounts and medical records) developed by our partner certified by Health IT and the US Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC), and operates in a Microsoft Azure environment that offers the required security for data protection and compliance with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), a US legislation that provides privacy and data security provisions to safeguard medical information. Audio and video recordings are stored securely for doctors and data is always encrypted during transfer. Additionally, credit or debit card information is not stored and is operated with high-level enterprise security and PCI Level 1 certification. Our software has undergone rigorous quality control and is currently subject to ongoing inspection.

Can the patient use their medical insurance if they receive telemedicine?

The interest and need for telemedicine has increased exponentially in recent years. Its importance has increased during the confinement due to the COVID19 pandemic, and it is for this reason that numerous insurance companies currently offer their services to the entire population that requires or demands teleconsultations. This behavior will not cease, but rather will continue to rise as the years go by.
On the first level (lobby) of our virtual hospital, near the main reception, is the *International Health Insurance Office. Here, patients and doctors can communicate, in real time and at different times, with different agents, medical insurance brokers, and insurance companies, to receive the necessary support.

*The availability and characteristics of this area of our virtual hospital vary by country.

Why is the store in our virtual hospital important? they receive telemedicine?

In the store, located near the pharmacy on the first level (lobby), the patient will be able to find products developed or recommended by interdisciplinary groups of specialists, for example, in the area of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. The patient will have access to recommendations and product details, with information exclusively provided through specialist physicians (such as plastic surgeons and dermatologists) or pharmacists. Patients will be informed how to access or purchase these products, and if financing options are available, which vary by the patient's country of residence.
For us, this store and area of our virtual hospital is extremely valuable, since a significant percentage of the profits obtained from leasing space to medical providers or pharmaceutical companies will be allocated to humanitarian health projects. MissionMedic Worldwide will initially focus on raising economic resources for breast reconstruction surgeries for selected breast cancer survivors.

Also, virtual psychological treatment will be provided to these patients and their close family members (partner and children).

How does the pharmacy located in our virtual hospital work?

In the *pharmacy, located near the store on the first level (lobby), the patient will have access to a list of pharmacists (with professionals from different countries duly certified and accredited).

The patient will be able to communicate to request support and valuable information, for example, to avoid problems due to incorrect use of over-the-counter drugs that should be taken at the same time, as well as to understand risks in case of possible allergies or intolerances. The patient may inquire about the use of a generic medication (if available) or a preferred brand of lower cost, which can be used to treat the same condition.

Also, some pharmacists may provide patients (if applicable) with a link or access to their respective external platforms, which have the proper permission to sell certain medications.

*The availability and characteristics of this area of our virtual hospital vary by country.

How do our doctors facilitate a medical referral and interconsultation?

  • Each time a doctor completes a teleconsultation, there is a tool on their platform that allows them to refer the patient they just attended to another specialist. Depending on the specialty selected by the doctor, our platform will show them available healthcare professionals they can select from. Afterwards, the patient can receive an email to proceed with scheduling an appointment with the specialist or professional they were referred to.

  • Furthermore, on the second level of our virtual hospital, there is a Boardroom for Medical Interconsultation meetings. Only doctors have access to it, through a password provided by the Hospital Administration of MissionMedic Worldwide. All doctors who have a virtual office in our virtual hospital can request a virtual meeting with a colleague or another doctor, who may be located in their own country or another; this way healthcare professionals can communicate and share valuable information with each other. Each doctor will have a file with 24/7 access, which will contain videos of their meetings held, notes, and information exchanged with colleagues from different countries.

Does our virtual hospital have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Yes, MissionMedic Worldwide was born with a social mission:
To transform technological tools, to bring high-quality medicine to people who cannot economically and geographically access necessary health services. The last 20 years we have witnessed how communication between people has changed, in the coming years we will witness how private medicine changes.

Three important facts:

  • The Clinical Directors of our hospital are part of a Notables Board, a group responsible for approving the destination of funds that have been raised by our virtual hospital for humanitarian health projects.

  • Each interconsultation appointment between medical specialists and each teleconsultation between a doctor and their patient implies a solidarity economic contribution from the doctor to a social aid fund, through which humanitarian health projects will be financed.

  • Likewise, healthcare providers (technological, pharmaceutical, etc.) can have access to new technologies and specialized communication and marketing services through us, contributing as sponsors in parallel.

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