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Press Release

San Jose, May 16th, 2023

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MissionMedic Worldwide:

A cross-border virtual hospital

enabled with new technologies and global resources

Telemedicine will reach new frontiers, connecting specialists and patients

from multiple countries in one virtual hospital

  • Every patient will have a free health record with 24/7 access.

  • A new work initiative will allow doctors to raise resources for health projects with vulnerable populations.

  • Admission is limited: Only 100 doctors per country and a select group of private clinics will be provided with cutting-edge technology to equip their medical practices. These will become pioneers of specialized telemedicine, remote monitoring, and cross-border consultations.

Imagine this scenario: a specialist physician has a patient with a rare type of cancer that is not commonly diagnosed or treated in his country of residence. The doctor wants to help the patient but to do so, he needs to work with a team and refer the patient to another specialist located abroad. This requires a fast, secure, and reliable interaction with his colleague, a board-certified and renowned oncologist who specializes in the cutting-edge treatment that could benefit the patient. Through a virtual medical interconsulting platform, the referring physician can schedule a secure meeting with the specialist and share the patient's clinical records with all necessary information. Subsequently, the patient will arrange a teleconsultation with the recommended specialist, who can be reached through a virtual consultation room within a virtual hospital.

Moreover, the patient can access his medical records at any time, which includes all medical notes from each specialist, along with exam results, and medical prescriptions. He will be able to share his medical information with any healthcare professional who requires it, no matter where they are in the world and at any time.

In addition to this, at MissionMedic Worldwide, the patient can directly message an international medical insurance broker to request advice. Furthermore, he can visit a virtual auditorium to attend online events and share experiences with patients from other countries who may be dealing with similar diagnoses.

Thanks to the innovative technology and approach of MissionMedic Worldwide, doctors and patients within the network will experience a revolutionary new way of communicating.

A health metaverse with a global virtual hospital

A metaverse is a virtual world that simulates a physical space and where people interact in real-time using various cutting-edge technologies. A virtual hospital is a new model of healthcare that harnesses the potential of new technologies to connect healthcare professionals with patients from different countries, providing an alternative to the traditional model. It includes a specialized digital platform for telemedicine and medical consultations, with interactive, reliable, and secure technology. Additionally, it offers free patient medical records accessible 24/7, including medical notes, prescriptions, medical exam results, and more. MissionMedic Worldwide is a global or transborder virtual hospital within a specialized metaverse for the healthcare sector, where doctors and patients from different countries will be able to access information, seek advice, and communicate in a secure manner using different technologies, which will continuously be evaluated and expanded.


Clinical Directors ensure unbeatable standards

Each main area or specialty within the virtual hospital has a Clinical Director, who is responsible for approving the admission of each doctor in his respective area and country. Every certified healthcare professional has a consultation room and commits to complying with ethical standards and best practices, providing services based on his education, accreditations, and certifications from respective professional associations or regulatory bodies, as applicable in each country.
In addition, the Clinical Directors form a Council of Esteemed Experts responsible for analyzing the allocation of funds raised by the virtual hospital for health-related humanitarian projects.

A serious commitment in an unstoppable evolution

In the past 20 years, we have witnessed how communication between people has changed, and in the coming years, we will witness how private healthcare changes. MissionMedic Worldwide proposes that each doctor makes a small economic contribution to a social aid fund (with a predetermined amount per private teleconsultation), which will be used to finance humanitarian health projects. Although the amount contributed by each doctor will be small, the contributions of many healthcare professionals will result in a great impact. The first projects will focus on providing resources for breast reconstructive surgeries and virtual psychological treatment for breast cancer survivors and their families.


The people behind MissionMedic Worldwide

Piccolo Healthcare was founded in Costa Rica in 2014 as a specialized healthcare advertising boutique agency. During the course of the pandemic, it transformed into Piccolo Healthcare & Assoc., a firm that offers select and specialized services and has established important strategic alliances with experts in neurocommunication, neuromarketing, consumer psychology, and key technology partners based in the United States.

Through its focus on developing disruptive solutions for the healthcare sector, the company has created an innovative concept of globalized medicine. A specialized metaverse that includes a virtual hospital with an immersive experience designed to make patients feel as if they are in a real hospital environment, complete with carefully crafted details such as virtual architecture, ambient sounds, and lighting. Additionally, it includes doctors from different countries who have their own offices within the virtual hospital, allowing patients to choose their preferred physician regardless of geographical location. All of this is aimed at providing patients with high-quality and convenient healthcare services from the comfort of their own homes.


The virtual hospital features an advanced telemedicine platform designed to seamlessly integrate with the hospital's innovative concept. This platform was developed by Genix, a Chicago-based technology partner, certified in Health IT by the US Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information.

With its interactive tools, patients can conduct dynamic and efficient video consultations, sharing important files in real time. Moreover, they can access their medical records, receiving high-quality healthcare from anywhere in the world. All of this is done with the necessary security and privacy to protect patient data, complying with the US HIPAA Law.

Likewise, this advanced telemedicine platform enables doctors to evaluate all the information that patients provide when requesting an appointment, including laboratory results and medical exams, before approving a teleconsultation. In the event of rejecting a teleconsultation request, the doctor may recommend the patient to another medical specialty or ask for additional exams in order to provide them with a successful teleconsultation.

Furthermore, there is an automated payment system that guarantees the secure transfer of the doctor's fees once the teleconsultation has ended, providing a hassle-free experience for both the patient and the healthcare professional.

“At MissionMedic Worldwide, we are passionate about embarking on a path of growth and innovation in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to lead in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance the patient experience and deliver high-quality telemedicine around the world while helping healthcare professionals adapt to the rapidly changing demands of today's world. Collaboration between health professionals from different countries is essential to achieve this goal. We understand the importance of complying with country-specific regulations and are committed to working closely with healthcare professionals and providers from different countries to achieve this. Similarly, we have a solid and proactive position in corporate social responsibility (CSR). We believe that our success will not only be measured by financial growth but also by our positive impact on vulnerable populations." -Fiorella Piccolo Johanning, CEO of MissionMedic Worldwide, founder and CEO of Piccolo Healthcare & Assoc, headquarters Costa Rica.


“Bringing reality to virtuality implies many challenges, starting with defining the scope that current technology can have but anticipating the wide range of services that can begin to be provided in the future thanks to technological advances. The biggest challenge has been to make a virtual hospital operate under the same international standards as a physical hospital. The greatest satisfaction is having pioneering doctors who are willing to take first-rate health services to places we could not have imagined before. We have a commitment to health but we also carry a social commitment hand in hand.”-Catalina Ocampo Van Patten, Costa Rican Lawyer, Regional Director Department of Advisory Services in Healthcare Technologies, Mexico Headquarters.

"Working closely with Piccolo Healthcare & Assoc. has been an incredible experience. Their commitment to exceptional patient care and integration of innovative technologies into their healthcare practices is truly commendable.

The collaboration between GENIX and MissionMedic Worldwide has been characterized by a shared vision of transforming healthcare delivery. Together, we have implemented cutting-edge telemedicine solutions, streamlined patient management processes, and enhanced overall operational efficiency. I am honored to be part of this transformative journey, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration to empower MissionMedic Worldwide in their mission of delivering exceptional healthcare services to their patients. Together, we are driving innovation and making a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities."- Shafi Ahamed, Business Development, GENIX - Chicago Offices.


Medical tourism promoted by MissionMedic Worldwide

Medical tourism promoted by MissionMedic Worldwide. MissionMedic Worldwide is proud to announce its collaboration in promoting medical tourism, through the implementation of technological innovations that will provide security and peace of mind to patients who need to travel for medical reasons. In this regard, the company will offer free electronic medical records and an efficient platform for teleconsultations and telemonitoring, with a secure system for the exchange of medical data. These tools are essential to ensure proper and timely medical care, both before and after a trip. MissionMedic Worldwide will become an indispensable technological tool not only for medical tourists but also for national patients who require specialized digital communication with their treating physician when they are temporarily outside the country.

The company is committed to providing the necessary resources for comprehensive and quality medical care, supported by highly trained personnel and various emerging technologies, which will be constantly evaluated and expanded.

"As an accountant and advisor to healthcare professionals and part of the financial team at MissionMedic Worldwide, I would like to highlight the importance of doctors understanding that having a virtual office is not a superfluous expense or a luxury, but a necessary investment in today's world with a guaranteed return if the correct calculations are made. It is crucial that doctors analyze the time they spend traveling to their physical office during predetermined hours, as well as the fact that there are patients who need them and are physically far away, and consider the opportunity they have to attend to patients remotely through telemedicine. Many patients only need a pre-assessment and quotation for a procedure or a second opinion based on medical tests, or even post-surgical monitoring, which they can provide thanks to the technology possessed by the virtual hospital, without having to travel. Having a virtual office is an investment with a guaranteed return, and it is important that doctors understand the financial benefits they can obtain by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by telemedicine and remote monitoring, while improving the quality of care for their patients."-Willy Castro Pérez, Accounting and Financial Advisor, MissionMedic Worldwide, Costa Rica headquarters.

To access the virtual hospital, please use either of the following addresses: or


For further information, please contact:

Dr. Joaquín Bustillos Villavicencio

Obstetrician and Gynecologist,

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

“New technologies have made it easy and practical to provide remote access to healthcare services from anywhere in the world, particularly in my field of expertise which focuses on maternal and fetal health during pregnancy. In my specialty, the tools of an interactive platform allow for real-time and dynamic evaluation of medical studies, especially images, which are of great value both to the patient and to us as healthcare professionals.

Within MissionMedic Worldwide, the benefits are immediate and clear, as it allows us to interact efficiently and effectively from anywhere, with the added advantage of accessing high-quality healthcare services through a secure technological platform with 24/7 support.”

Dr. Juan Andrés Clinton Hidalgo

Internal Medicine, Cardiology,

Interventional Cardiology, and Hemodynamics

"Currently, technology and medicine go hand in hand, allowing for the opening of borders and the reduction of limitations that make medicine limited to a small group of people or regions. This enables patients from anywhere in the world to access high-quality care, with a prompt evaluation of results and timely medication recommendations, and benefits the patient by providing them with the ability to choose a professional who best meets their needs.
The tools provided by this platform are numerous, including scheduling flexibility, reduced wait times, and better coordination between doctor and patient, without excluding the same benefits that any other consultation modality would have. This can be achieved from anywhere the patient is, whether it be from their workplace or the comfort of their own home."

Dr. Loretta Piccolo Johanning

Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatology

"In recent years, technology has transformed the way people receive medical care. Telemedicine has become a valuable tool for patients and healthcare professionals, especially in the field of dermatology where it has been applied for many years.
Telemedicine in dermatology allows patients to have virtual access to specialists from the comfort of their homes. They can ask questions, receive diagnoses, and treatment recommendations without leaving their house, which saves time, is convenient and efficient.
The changing world requires innovative solutions, and the metaverse and virtual hospitals are transforming the way healthcare is delivered online, providing a more complete virtual experience that resembles an in-person consultation.
"Having a reliable platform to exchange information with other specialists and refer our patients when necessary allows us to offer comprehensive and quality care, with a multidisciplinary approach. As a dermatologist, I am excited to have a virtual office at MissionMedic Worldwide to use these tools and continue providing the best possible care to my patients."

Dr. Jennifer Hernández Solís


"Technological advances have revolutionized the world and the lives of all people, and healthcare cannot lag behind. The application of technology in healthcare allows for greater accessibility without sacrificing quality. A platform like the one offered by MissionMedic Worldwide, which enables virtual patient care, becomes a cornerstone in people's quality of life.
As a healthcare professional, it is an honor to be part of a technological tool that brings us closer to patients and facilitates their access to timely and quality care. The ease it provides of having an electronic medical record, being able to prescribe medication remotely, evaluate studies that patients may have already done, or the fact that patients can request second opinions or clarify doubts in such an accessible way is invaluable."

Dr. Francisco Vargas Villalobos

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

"It is important to have access to new technologies for patients and to have a virtual office at MissionMedic Hospital because it allows us to improve accessibility, convenience, efficiency, and reduce costs for medical care, which can have a positive impact on patients' quality of life. Teleconsultation in plastic surgery can provide patients with access to experts, preoperative evaluations, and postoperative follow-up, which can improve the quality of medical care and patient satisfaction.

Patients and healthcare professionals appreciate the virtual hospital and the tools available for dynamic video conferencing. Also, the fact that we are allowed to share files and data between patients and healthcare professionals immediately is a valuable tool for comprehensive and coordinated care. Electronic medical records also allow us to access patient information quickly and efficiently. All of this is done safely and privately."

Dr. Andrés Tapia Herrera

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

“There is a reality that has been brewing for some years now and has become even more evident after the Covid-19 pandemic: virtuality is here to stay and borders have been overcome thanks to technology. The metaverse and its reach in the healthcare industry are now a reality and the beginning of a new era of the future. I joined MissionMedic Worldwide because I believe technology can make a big difference in access to healthcare worldwide, as well as in the safety and satisfaction of my patients. The global virtual hospital is an innovative and necessary model that allows my patients to receive remote, high-quality care no matter where they are or if I am outside the country. Moreover, MissionMedic Worldwide's commitment to social responsibility and helping breast reconstruction patients is valuable and consistent with my personal and professional values. I am excited to be part of this unstoppable evolution in private medicine and to work bilaterally or collaboratively with other healthcare professionals from around the world.” 

Dr. Tatiana Prado Barboza

Cosmetic Dentistry

"In today's world, due to technological advances, it is essential to be part of these virtual platforms to meet the increasingly demanding and wide audience. The virtual hospital uses cutting-edge technology and allows us to offer our services under the highest standards of quality and safety so that patients can meet their dental needs.
In the virtual hospital, patients can obtain access to diagnosis and treatment for their dental needs from their own homes, anywhere in the world. They can also obtain quotes for treatments directly from the specialist dentist. Likewise, patients will have a free individual health record that they can access 24/7, and we will have technological tools that will allow interactive teleconsultation instead of limiting us to a traditional video call."

Dr. Carol Rojas Arrieta

Primary Care

"As a Concierge Physician at MissionMedic Worldwide, I am committed to thoroughly analyzing each case that comes my way and referring my patients to the appropriate specialist. To achieve this, I need efficient tools that allow me to make informed and safe decisions. I am pleased to highlight that I have found an interactive telemedicine platform that not only offers dynamic virtual consultations but also virtual security of medical data, with tools that help improve my explanation to the patient and subsequent medical analysis by the specialist. I can share medical exams with real-time annotations reliably. In addition, I can explain to my patients the additional exams they need before meeting with the specialist, giving them greater peace of mind and understanding of the process. The virtual hospital provides us with a complete and efficient solution, which I recommend to my colleagues who wish to offer quality care and virtual security in the management of medical data."

Dr. Silvia Garita Navarro

Human Nutrition and Dietetics

"The recent Covid-19 pandemic made the importance of telemedicine evident. Having a virtual office opens up the possibility of providing health services to people from anywhere in the world without the need to travel, which is highly valued by people today.

The tools that I value the most in the MissionMedic Worldwide telemedicine platform are the order in which patient records are managed, so that important information can be accessed for consultations, and it is also possible to refer patients to other professionals in the hospital through the platform. Patients can benefit from virtual nutrition consultations in many ways, one of which is that people who have emigrated to other countries can receive the services of a nutritionist from their home country who knows the gastronomic customs of their place of origin."

Testimonies from healthcare professionals in San José, Costa Rica:

Testimonios de profesionales de la salud de San José, Costa Rica:

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